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(Hello, all four of my followers. I have plans probably for this blog, I’m hoping to get some actual stuff going. Maybe more characters possibly once I actually get the first one situated. So yeah stay tuned.)

tumblrbot whispered:

(I DON’T PARTICULARLY KNOW MYSTERIOUS ROBOT, WHY ARE WE YELLING? O In any case, t♄is is not t♄e planet I’d rat♄er visit anyway.)

Your name is KAELUS JOVVIN and you love science. Like, a lot. If you could spend all day doing nothing but reading science articles and stories, that would be a day well spent in your opinion. If only you understood even a sliver of the TECHNICAL ASPECTS of science. You are particularly fascinated by the ASTRONOMY portion of science. You may not have any idea what the numbers behind it all mean, but you just can’t stop looking at pictures of rocky craters and glistening nebulas. 

What you don’t tend to let on is that you developed this affinity of science as a COPING MECHANISM. Your ORIGINAL LUSUS was a bearbeast that hated every aspect of your existence. It kept you sheltered from the WORLD OUTSIDE, never letting you interact with other TROLLS. In fact, most of the time you were locked in your ROOM, with nothing to interact with but PAPER and PENCILS, but you had nothing to write or draw about.

One day you managed to escape your ROOM while your lusus was absent and came across a collection of ENCYCLOPEDIAS and a BROKEN CAPTCHALOGUE. You scoured these away to your room and read the encyclopedias COVER to COVER. You repaired the captchalogue enough to get it functional. It stores things basically, but occasionally drops the oldest item in it.

Once you managed to escape for good, you TRAVELED on your own for days, nearly succumbing to STARVATION. Thankfully, you ended up in a small city, and stayed there. You were taken in by an OWLBEAST LUSUS that didn’t interact with you much, but still kept you alive. You since managed to make some FRIENDS and expand on your knowledge of SCIENCE.

Of course, you don’t have a whole lot of people to share it with. The population of your area has never cared much for an appreciation of the logical nature of the world, let alone much beyond their own living area. Your NEW LUSUS shares the same disinterests as well, which disappoints you. Luckily, a few of your FRIENDS share some interest, but a majority of the ones you connect to, you can only see ONLINE. 

You have a penchant for accidentally hurting yourself in dumb ways, as can be immediately noticed by your CHIPPED HORN. You managed to do this by slipping on a piece of paper and getting your horn jammed into a wall, snapping off the tip. You are regularly made fun of for your clumsiness, but as long as you don’t actually injure yourself, you don’t really mind it.

As the sweeps went on, you began to develop your power, a form of TELEKINESIS, that allowed you to shut down your body for a few moments and allow your mind to “wander” around without it. This hasn’t really proven to be very useful besdies SPYING on some trolls jokingly, but you hope that someday, you’ll be able to master it enough to wander the stars with ease. You wish you had been able to use this power back when you were with your ORIGINAL LUSUS.

Your TROLLIAN TAG is enthusiasticReconnoiterer (ER) and “(You speak a bit, u♄, awkwardly but sincerely, O and like slipping in a space reference to your speec♄”, even if people don’t usually get it.

General Information:

Name: Kaelus Jovvin
Age: Approx. 8 sweeps
Gender, Sex: Male
Blood Color: Blue
Symbol: Saturn
Lusus: Originally a bearbeast, now a disinterested owlbeast
Height: 5’7” - 5’11”
Weight: 120 lbs.
Build: Average
Screen Name: enthusiasticReconnoiterer (ER)
Fetch Modus: Basic storage, randomly disposes of oldest aquired item
Personality: Quiet and reserved, a bit anxious about being left alone, enjoys hanging out with friends
Interests: Science (particularly space), repairing electronics, reading
Typing Quirk: Replaces H with ♄, the symbol of Saturn, surrounds post by parentheses and a central point of orbit.